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Gillette drives online user acquisition through hyper-targeted influencer marketing

Transitioning to a new customer acquisition channel can often be one of the hardest pivots a company can make. In a world shifting from physical retail to online retail, understanding the best way to target potential customers is critical. Gillette has navigated both of these challenges masterfully, working directly with Fluent teams to hit their strategic needs.

Fluent drove online user acquisition for Gillette through hyper-targeted influencer marketing. Studies show that digital consumers trust the opinions of people who most resemble them, even if they have never met in-person. As such, a marketing strategy that targets customer segments through micro-influencers can prove to be incredibly effective. Fluent’s software allows brands like Gillette to work with mirco-influencers at scale for the first time. This means increased engagement, better customer segmentation, and more converted customers.

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