Take control of your influencer media campaigns with a performance platform that allows you to manage and scale your content creators efficiently.

Measure your results and get access to the best teams across the best platforms.

Influencer Management Portal (IMP)

IMP is our flagship platform that gives sponsors the ability to engage and manage content creators efficiently and at scale. Get access to real-time performance data to maximize your campaign ROI and drive engaged viewers to your brand.

IMP Allows you to:

  • Build out your own Influencer Affiliate Network
  • Manage your campaigns programmatically
  • Scale your existing influencer platform for even greater customization and results
  • Manage your content creators and campaigns with our integrated tools
  • Vet influencers and teams for brand safety

Task Manager

Task manager, our influencer monetization platform, connects approved influencers with your active offers. Define desired fan interactions, incentivize fans and reward influencers for quality engagement.

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